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(Broadcasting Corporation of India)

Staff Training Institute (Technical),

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No.: STI(T )/Deptt. Exam./SEA to AE/2010                                                                 Dated : 12/07/2010

Circular Memorandum


Sub: Departmental Competitive Examination for the promotion of Senior Engineering Assistants to the grade of Assistant Engineers against 2009-10  vacancies.


                A Departmental Competitive Examination for the promotion of Senior Engineering Assistants of All India Radio and Doordarshan to the grade of Assistant Engineers for the 75% exam quota against the vacancies for year 2009-10 will be held on  12 ,13  & 14th  September, 2010. 


                The Number of vacancies is approximately   47    (Gen.: 31 , SC: 05 , ST:11 ).  These vacancies may be treated as tentative which are subject to change in future with the change in circumstances, if any.

          The eligibility conditions for appearing in the examination are as follows:


a)        Senior Engineering Assistants with 3 years service in the grade as on 01.01.2009 or Senior Engineering Assistants with 8 years regular service in the grade of Senior Engineering Assistants and Engineering Assistants combined together as on 01.01.2009


b)       Possessing qualifications not lower than those prescribed for direct recruits to the post of Engineering     Assistants in Akashvani and Doordarshan.


         The syllabus for this examination will be same as that followed for the previous examination. The pattern of question papers will be as follows:


1.                    Each paper will have three sections, viz: A, B and C.

2.                    Section A will contain 30 objective/fill-in-the-blanks/minor numerical type questions.  All questions will be compulsory.  This section will carry total marks of 30.

3.             Section B will contain 5 numerical questions, out of which 3 questions will have to be answered. This section will carry total marks of 30.

4.          Section C will contain 7 descriptive type of questions, out of which 4 questions will   have to be answered. This section will carry total marks of 40.

5.            There may be minor variation in the pattern of question paper depending upon the requirement.

The examination schedule is given below:








Broadcast Engineering


10:00 to 13:00 Hrs.

3 Hours

II (A)

Radio Engineering


10:00 to 13:00 Hrs.

3 Hours

II (B)

Television Engineering


10:00 to 13:00 Hrs.

3 Hours


General Subject


10:00 to 13:00 Hrs.

3 Hours


Paper I on the first day and Paper III on the third day are compulsory for all the candidates.  On the second day, the question papers of II(A) and II(B), bunched together, will be distributed to the candidates.  They may choose to answer either II(A) in full or II(B) in full and not partly from both.


The Examination will be held at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Guwahati.  All the candidates will appear for the Examination at their nearest examination centre from place of posting. Change of examination centre will not be allowed.


These instructions may be brought to the notice of all the eligible SEA?s working at your Station/Kendra/Office. Willingness from eligible candidates may be obtained in the following proforma and forwarded to the respective Zonal Chief Engineers on or before 12/08/2010.


1.                   Name:

2.                   Present Post Held:

3.                   Date and grade of Entry in AIR/DD:

4.                   Total number of years as EA and SEA combined as on 01.01.2009

5.                   Number of years completed as SEA as on 01.01.2009:

6.                   Educational Qualification:

7.                   Category:


                                The zonal Chief Engineer will allot roll number, intimate examination centre and issue admit card for appearing for the examination. The Head of Station/Kendra/Office in which the candidate is at present working should issue a letter to the candidate authorizing him to appear for the examination at the centre allotted along with three specimen signatures of the candidate, duly attested.  At the Examination Hall, the Examination Superintendent will verify this signature before admitting the candidate.  It is obligatory on the part of the candidate to carry his identity card, authorization letter and admit card.

            Only TA may be paid to the candidates as admissible under the relevant rule S.R. 130.


Receipt of this Memorandum may kindly be acknowledged.  Hindi version is enclosed.





                                                                                                                                Director (Engineering)

                                                                                                                    For Chief Engineer (Training)

1.        All AIR/DD Stations/Kendras/Offices/HPT?s/DDMC?s/LPT?s/TVRC?s.

2.        CE(NZ), (By name Shri N.Srinivasan,CE(AVM)), AIR & DD, Shahajahan Road, New Delhi ?110 011.

3.        CE(SZ), (By name Shri R.Vidyasagar,CE(AVM)), AIR & DD, Swami Sivananda Salai,  Chennai ?600 005.

4.        CE(WZ), (By name Shri Suresh Naik,CE(AVM)), AIR & DD, 101, M.K. Road, Mumbai ?  400 020.

5.        CE(EZ)(AVM)), AIR & DD, Eden Garden, Calcutta ?700 001.

6.        CE(NEZ), (By name Shri M.Jayaraj,CE(AVM)), AIR & DD, Dr. P.Kakoti Building, Ganesh Gurhi, Chariali, Dispur, Guwahati ? Shillong Road, Guwahati ? 781006 with a request to inform all the concerned in their respective Zones.

7.        DG, E-In-C, CE(D), CE(M), CE(P), CE(MR),), DDG(A), Dir(TC), Dir(EA),  DDA(E), S-IV(B) Section, All India Radio, Akashvani Bhavan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi ?110 001.

8.        DG, E-In-C, CE(Shri R.K.Jain), CE ( Shri R.R.Prasad), CE( Shri V.K.Aggarwal), CE(Shri A.K.Bhatnagar), DE(Smt. Sadhana Kumar), S-IV Section, Doordarshan, Mandi House, New Delhi ? 110 001.

9.        CE(R&D), AIR & DD, I.P. Estate, New Delhi -110 002.

10.     Director(Policy), O/o Directorate General, All India Radio, Akashvani Bhavan, New Delhi with a request that publicity may kindly be given on RNT for at least three consecutive days as per message enclosed.

11.     The President, ARTEE, P.O. Box ? 422, New Delhi ? 110 001.

12.     The General Secretary, AIR/DD Technical Employees Association, PO Box ? 736, New Delhi ? 110 001.

13.     The General Secretary, AIR/DD Engineers Association, (By name: Shri P.N.Bhakta),  Room No. 333, Akashvani Bhavan, New Delhi -110 001.

14.     The General Secretary, AIR/DD SC/ST Employees Welfare Association, 2579-2580, Bagichi Raghunath, Sadar Thana Road, Delhi ? 110 006.

15.     PS to CE(T)

16.     All faculty members, STI(T), Delhi.

17.     Guard File.                                                                                



For Chief Engineer (Training)