MACP for Mast Tech.
ACP for Helpers
Latest Clarification from DOPT Reg MACP
Office Memorandum of MACP Rs 5400-6600:Part 01 | Part 02
Letter for MACP of AE's
Denial of 6600 GP to AE's: Objection of ADTEA.
Denial of 6600 GP to AE's
Grant of 3rd MACP for AE Rs 5400-6600
Office memorandum DOPT MACP 5400-6600
MACP Rs 5400 for AE's Completed 20 years of service
5400 GP for All AE-Demand of ADTEA
DG:DD order for Fixation of EA as per 7450 scale
Letter to CEO Reg. Dharna at DG:AIR for 5400 GP for AE